In Making Sense of Agile Methods (draft PDF) Bertrand Meyer discusses his early introduction to, then immersion in, agile software development.

In one of my first classes as a newly minted professor in 2002, I gave a lecture on software design. A third-year student came to me afterward and asked why I was still teaching such nonsense. Everyone knows, he said, that nowadays no one does design; we just produce “the simplest thing that can possibly work” and then refactor. I was stunned (not having realized how far XP ideas had percolated).


The natural reaction was to apply a rule that often helps: when curious, teach a class; when bewildered, write a book.

He did that and wrote the book Agile! The Good, the Hype and the Ugly. This article discusses the core idea of that book, i.e. it’s not all good, it makes sense to evaluate new approaches using the IFF-method i.e. is it friend or foe and figure out which parts should be dismissed and which parts are worth embracing. Below is a video of lecture on the subject; the learnings also resulted in an edX course Agile Software Development.

Few things hold true generally. I would expect that nowadays, people understand the need to thoughtfully pick and choose those methods that make sense for their environment.

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